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LABBB Home Services Policies and Procedures

1. What are home services?

LABBB home services are individualized based on student needs in the home setting. Services focus on training parents in the skills they need to effectively manage their child’s behavior and to facilitate functional skills at home and in the community. Services may involve parent consultation only, or a combination of parent training and direct services by trained providers. Services are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

2. How is eligibility for home services determined?

The first step to determining eligibility is to contact the district’s special education department. If appropriate, the department will then make the necessary arrangements for a home assessment. The home assessment is typically conducted by one of the LABBB behavioral consultants. The assessment process takes between 2 and 4 hours and includes both a parent interview and student observation in the home and, when indicated, in the community. The assessment may also include school observations and teacher meetings. At the conclusion of the evaluation, the consultant will prepare a written report with his/her observations and recommendations regarding whether services are indicated, and if so, what types of services (consultation, direct services, or both). This report will be sent directly to the district and will be reviewed with parents and the student’s educational team at an official team meeting.

3. What type of services will be provided?

LABBB home services focus on training the parent(s). Service delivery is dependent on recommendations from the home assessment. Consultation is provided by a behavior analyst. Direct services are provided by LABBB employees. The consultant trains parents and supervises direct providers. Consultation typically occurs on a monthly basis. During home sessions, providers work on teaching parents how to most effectively interact with their child. Providers model strategies for the parents, include them during programs, and help them implement the recommended strategies so that behavior change and skill development occur. Focus areas include communication skills, independence with self-care tasks, social skills, following routines, community behaviors, mealtime behaviors, etc. The overall goal is to reduce challenging behaviors and teach appropriate adaptive skills in the home and community. Home services do not work on academic behaviors or homework.

4. Who provides home services?

  • The district will determine if LABBB or another agency will provide the home services.
  • A behavioral consultant and/or direct service provider will be assigned to each client, but may change during the course of home services.

5. What are the parents’ responsibility during home services?

During home services, a parent must be present. Because it is a parent training model, parents need to participate and/or observe throughout the session. A parent contract specifying parent responsibilities is reviewed with parents at the start of services, signed, and reviewed periodically. If parents are not following the guidelines, home services will be re-evaluated and may be suspended or terminated.

6. Are home service goals added to the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?

Home service goals are typically reflected in the IEP and data are collected as with any academic or life skill goal in school.

7. How are home services different from respite?

Respite is time when parents get a “break” and a worker will take the student out into the community, interact with them in the home, or go with the parent into the community. A parent does not need to be present during respite, nor do they need to participate. Home services, as described above, actively include parents.

8. When do home services occur

Home service hours are provided on school days and start after school ends until about 6pm unless the team determines otherwise.

9. Can home services be scheduled on weekends or during vacations?

Home services are delivered while school programs are in session and do not include weekends or vacations. In the case when hours have been cancelled or delayed by the direct provider, make-up hours may be done at those times if agreed upon by provider and parent.

10. Can my direct home service provider babysit or provide respite for my child?

LABBB staff who are directly involved with providing student services should not provide respite or babysitting services, as this may constitute a conflict of interest.We strongly recommend that the home service provider does not take on additional roles outside of their role as the home service provider for LABBB.

11. What if I don’t agree with the behavior plan or programs the home service provider is running in my home?

Home service providers are trained by the consultant assigned to the case to follow specific plans and programs in the home. If you have a concern regarding a program or plan, contact the consultant directly. It is highly recommended that you do not intervene in the middle of a program, but rather address your concern with the consultant at a later time.

12. What is the cancellation policy?

  • If a parent cancels a session with less than 24 hours notice, the hours will not be rescheduled. If a parent cancels a session with more than 24 hours notice, the provider may be able to reschedule the session, but this is not guaranteed.
  • If a home provider cancels at any time, the provider will make every attempt to reschedule the session at a mutually convenient time, or additional time can be added to regularly occurring sessions. For example, the provider can do 15 additional minutes per session for 4 sessions to make-up one hour of time.

13. What is the snow policy?

  • Home services are cancelled if either the student’s home district or the student’s school is closed that day. As such, they will not be rescheduled.
  • If the home service provider or consultant cancels due to weather conditions in his/her home town, the provider will make every attempt to reschedule the session at a mutually convenient time or additional time can be added to regularly occurring sessions.

14. What if the student, parent or sibling is sick the day services are scheduled?

  • If the student is absent from school due to illness, home services are cancelled.
  • If the student develops a fever, vomiting, or other contagious symptoms during the day or visit, the home service provider has the right to terminate services.
  • If the student is getting sick during a school day or goes home sick, the parent should contact the home provider as soon as possible to cancel services for that day.
  • If a parent or siblings presents with a fever, vomiting, or other contagious symptoms on the day of home sessions, the home service provider has the right to terminate services.
  • In any of the above situations, home service hours will not be rescheduled.


15. Are services provided on days that are scheduled before holiday breaks?

Services are not provided on the day immediately before Thanksgiving break or December break.


16. Can home services be ended for any reason?

Home services may be suspended or terminated for the following reasons:

  • Parents are not following through with their responsibilities as stated in the parent contract.
  • The educational team has determined that the student has achieved their home goals and no longer requires services.
  • Parents regularly cancel services.
  • Parents no longer want the services.